Tips and Tricks for Enjoying a Hammock

Women relaxing in hammock at campsite

Hammocks are popular for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they are entertaining, pleasant to relax in, and easy to set up. Hammocks are becoming “must-haves” for Scouting campouts. Many are compact and light enough to be taken on day hikes. Down are some ideas for making the most of … Read more

How Does the Moon Affect Ocean Tides?

Photo of the ocean at night

It’s common to hear individuals make jokes about the so-called erratic behavior during a full moon, blaming the “Bella Luna” for any action. The name “lunatic” or “lunacy” is derived from Luna, the Roman goddess of the Moon. Moreover, the Moon has been accused of affecting everything from fertility to foraging behavior. … Read more

Benefits of Going to the Beach

Sunrise at a beach

Plato rightfully said that the sea cures all ailments of man. Being at the seaside does not only heal a lot of your skin ailments but also boosts the spirit and physical energy. So, put your traveling fears in the backseat and get ready for a beach trip. Simply lounging by the … Read more

Life Lessons from Being a Server

A server pouring water for the customers 

Meta-description: A lot of life lessons can be learned by working as a server. Being a server, you can be more empathetic, kind, and open-minded towards others. You can learn stress management, multitasking, teamwork, and develop intricate knowledge about different kinds of foods and beverages and a unique skill set of a … Read more

Should You Take Your Cat Boating?

A cat on a boat

Should you take your cat boating? That’s the question that cat owners are trying to answer when they find out there is no cat-friendly watercraft available. There are many things that need to be considered before making the decision, and in this blog post, we will explore some of them – including … Read more

What is the Origin of the “Don’t Mess with Texas” Slogan?

don’t mess with Texas

It’s time for some Texas culture trip once again! We all know that our state is the home of the Alamo, cowboys, oil fields, scorching hot temperatures, Texas barbecue, and country music! But there’s a lot more to Texas than those things. Even if you’ve never been to Texas before, it is … Read more

How Can You Make Chicken Fingers Taste Better?

A person holding a chicken finger

Are you looking for something that can make your taste buds titillating? You know chicken is a good source of protein, and our diet is incomplete without it, but sometimes you don’t know what to make. If you’re out of ideas and want to make something different that everyone loves to eat … Read more

Classic Seafood Dishes to Eat While Vacationing on the Coast

seafood dish

Aside from basking under the sun, playing beach volleyball, boating, and surfing, there’s one more thing that’s fun to do while you’re on the beach – and that is to eat fresh and delicious seafood. That is why in this article, we will help you pick which classic seafood dishes you should … Read more

What Fun Activities Can You do in the Port Aransas Area

An image of Texas Coast

Finding a getaway place to unwind is a piece of cake nowadays, mainly by just looking on the internet. But it is more worth it to discover an island that is full-pack, which means rich in stories, activities, and picturesque like the Port Aransas in Mustang Island. To know more about this … Read more

Ways to Protect Your Skin When Swimming

huge swimming pool, a man swimming in the pool, white and blue tiles

It’s definitely a perfect day when you spend a large amount of your summertime day relaxing by the pool or the beach. While you’ll get in some excellent relaxation and fun “me time,” spending lots of time in the water may leave you with more than pruney fingers. Swimming is a kind … Read more