Tips for Snorkeling at any Destination

Woman Swimming Underwater

If you’re looking for a unique vacation experience, why not try snorkeling? Snorkeling is a great way to explore the underwater world and discover its hidden beauty. It allows you to explore the wonders of the ocean by exploring a shallow reef or delving deep into an underwater cave.  With so many … Read more

Tips for Bike and Electric Car Rentals in Port Aransas

Biking is a fun way to explore the picturesque beauty of Port Aransas

What could be a more enjoyable way to spend a day than riding a bicycle through areas that are inaccessible to automobiles and golf carts? On a fat-tire bicycle or effortlessly perched atop an electric bike or scooter, you can ride the beach, avoid the waves, and let the salty air and … Read more

The Whooping Crane Festival in Port Aransas

Bird watching by land and sea is one of the activities of the Whooping Crane Festival at Port Aransas

The whooping crane, named after its whooping sound, is the tallest bird in North America. It is a critically endangered crane species and is one of only two crane species that are native to North America, along with the sandhill crane (Antigone Canadensis). Given favorable conditions in a natural habitat, the whooping … Read more

The Best Places to go Fishing Around Port Aransas

Port Aransas possess numerous jetties where you can enjoy casting your lines. 

A mere 3,480 people call Port Aransas home during the summer, but that number can easily swell to more than 60,000 people. Anglers are welcome to bring their families along for a day at the beach, during which they will have the opportunity to participate in surf fishing, and there are several … Read more

Best Places to go Boating Around Port Aransas

Along the coast of Aransas Bay near Fulton there are many private fishing piers and boat docks owned by homeowners and the local resorts

When planning your summer vacations, consider including one of the many Port Aransas boat tours for a superb escapade. Take a break from the beach and spend the day with your family out on the open water. Whether you’re looking for dolphins, taking a luxury sailboat ride, or trying your hand at … Read more

Go Kayak around Port Aransas

Kayaking is a great way to encounter wonderful water creatures and appreciate the beauty of nature. 

Traditional kayaks have covered decks and one or more cockpits. The cockpit is sometimes covered by a spray deck to prevent water from waves or spray from entering. The spray deck allows skilled kayakers to roll their kayaks without flooding or ejecting the paddler. Some modern kayaks eliminate the cockpit by seating … Read more

What is a Rash Guard?

A rash guard is an athletic shirt made of spandex, nylon, or polyester that was originally created for surfers to protect the wearer’s skin when swimming, including injury from rashes, chafing, and scrapes. Rash guards are an excellent technique to prevent sunburn and can also be used as a coverup over your … Read more

Top 10 Water Sports and Activities You can do at the Beach

Water activities are popular not just because of the rush of adrenaline they provide, but also because of the numerous health advantages they provide. For the most part, water activities are practiced outdoors, allowing you to breathe in the fresh air and connect with the natural world. It enlivens your spirit, puts … Read more

Importance of Staying Hydrated at the Beach

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When you spend time outside in hot weather, you are likely to become thirsty fairly quickly. That is a normal reaction, and you should be aware of it because it indicates that your body requires more water to cope with the heat. There are also a lot of the best drinks that … Read more

Best Way and Place to Hang a Hammock

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A hammock is a fabric made of natural fibers or synthetic materials. It can be hung between two trees and used to make a sleeping bag. Hammocks are the best way to unwind in nature without bothering others. They’re also great for camping, other outdoor activities, and even your trip to the … Read more